5 employee wellness trends that organizations should embrace in 2019

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Employee wellness or workplace wellness has become an important aspect of the current corporate industry and is likely to expand its umbrella in the year 2019 a tad more.

Every workplace is expected to devise wellness activity for its employees as per their organizational policy. This is done to inculcate healthy conduct in the organization and to improve the overall health of the employees. Some wellness programs also aim at decreasing the risks of poor health demeanor.

Some trending employee wellness programs that will rule the year 2019 are the ones mentioned below.

In-house health support
Vodafone, the telecom giant, has the facility of in-house clinic every Monday of the week. The GP (General Physician) is available for two to three hours once a week where the employees can consult them and get the desired diagnosis. Doing so enables the employees to cut their health cost and get quality healthcare. As per a survey by Mercer, it was found that 58% of the employers said that the in-house or onsite clinic helped their employees to regulate their chronic conditions.

Along with the physical fitness, the employers must also focus on the mental health of the employees. The employees who consider mental disorder or disease as a taboo must be counseled. They must be encouraged to speak and talk about their problem, while the employer should make sure to maintain their secrecy. The mental health programs must analyze the sleeping habit of the employees and suggest the employees sleep enough.

Financial wellness
This one is already popular but many companies are yet to embrace them. The organizations should be able to provide financial consultation services like drafting budget, planning retirement, alignment of funds, doing emergency savings, and elimination of debt. A good financial wellness program will help the employees to focus more on their work and worry less.

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As per Apple, self-care was the trend of the year 2018 which further carries its scope in the year 2019. Self-care has become a necessity and a must-have for the organizations. It helps to relieve the stress of work and betters the productivity. Self-care is being prioritized by the employers for the holistic wellness of the employees such as employee burnout, easing anxiety, and encouraging confidence.

Seamless integration of the services
It is not only important to provide the services of the gym, cafeteria, and in-house clinic to the employees but also to have seamless integration between them. These facilities in office are mostly run by different vendors as different vendors have different expertise.

Companies need to understand that these vendors should be able to have a communication and understanding amongst them and their common goal is aligned to the employee wellness.

To cite an example, if the in-house dietician has asked an employee to go for a particular diet, it is important that the food as per his diet should be available in the pantry of the organization.

Customized programs
Sometimes “one rule for all” doesn’t help. A company may have drafted an amazing employee wellness program but it is not necessary that it will work for everyone. In this scenario, the customized wellness program becomes a new trend.

Every employee should be treated differently. To create several customized programs, a using digital medium is the best way. Health data of all the employees must be collected and can be saved in specially created health portal. This data must be kept safe and private.

This article has already been read 32 times!

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