5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Empowered

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Empower others to empower yourself is not just a common belief but also an ideology that has become imperative in today’s scenario. No wonder it holds true in the setting of an organization as well as on a personal level.

There are many ways to empower employees. Let’s understand further how and in what way does incentivizing might help us achieve bigger organizational goals.

Ways of incentivizing
Massive changes in the work environment has not just brought about a shift in the way things are perceived but also the needs of people. Employees in the current times not just crave for monetary stimulus. There is hunger for growth, power and discipline. Consequently, to cater the varied demands of workforce today, organizations are coming up with innovative ideas of persuading their enticement.

  • Incentivizing on contribution of ideas is something that most corporations are comfortable with as, they not only make the employees feel extremely involved in the working of the concern but also reward them on the successful adoption of their ideas.
    The work force apart from feeling empowered also redeems upon the opportunity. The organization in turn gets more of a genuine and closer perspective of the matter discussed as it’s been analyzed by the closest possible influenced group; the employees.
  • Flexibility in the working hours are kept directly proportional to the accomplishment displayed. If the employees are given the liberty to choose their work hours in accordance to their convenience and are asked to perform the required assignments accordingly and pay them incentives for fastest accomplishment, not only will their urgency to speed up shall boost but also the accuracy of work shall get better.
    Having the liberty to choose his working hours gives him a great sense of job satisfaction while bonus for task completed will enhance his morale. All this would make the organization empowered enough to make the most of its employees while not letting them down.
  • Employee recognition programs wherein best work of an employee gets appreciated through a certificate of appreciation along with monetary compensation is a good idea of empowering them. Such appreciation does motivate the employees to keep improving their work on a constant basis.
    Similar incentives have the capability of replacing the training agenda of employees in the organization even when they are at the peak of their performance.
  • ESOPs-Some corporations have started giving nominal shares as an incentive, to inculcate the feeling of ownership within the employees. These shares would multiply with the growing value of the organization. Employees hence are motivated to work dedicatedly, to make the company prosper.
  • Non-monetary incentivization- Incentives need not necessarily be monetary. Something apart from monetary form could be organizing any subsidiary activity at office. It could be either purely fun oriented activities like dance classes, cooking classes or health oriented like gym, swimming etc. As long as employees derive contentment from being a part of it, it should work wonders.
    Fostering the innovative side of an individual always assists in churning out the best out of him.  By empowering employees in an arena that they wish to engage in and cannot do so due to their job restrictions, an organization would end up nurturing an employee base that’s truly loyal.
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Whatever the method of incentivizing be adopted, it should always be borne in mind, that passing on the baton of power is the only way to get it back with more competence added to it.

This article has already been read 8 times!

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