A Peep Into 10 Soon-To-Be Released Disney Animation Films

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Walt Disney the famous American mass media company was triumphant in making people believe in the unbelievable. This was made possible through its innovative ways of providing information and entertainment both at one go.

And that too put extremely alluring across to its viewers of varied age groups. Now for all that Disney has served us our inquisitiveness only keeps multiplying to know what’s more in store for us in the coming months or for that matter for years. Let’s look at 10 projects in the pipeline by Disney, that are yet to captivate us and give us a visual delight in the coming times.

  • In the year 2016 a live action remake of Mulan was announced with a scheduled release date in the year 2018. Because the lead actress could not be zeroed in on, it got rescheduled to be released in the year 2020.
  • Mulan is a story about a brave girl who in an attempt of saving her ailing father impersonates a man to be able to join the army for training. Liu Yefei, a Chinese actress has been finalized to play the lead role of Mulan. In the reboot of this movie, the viewers can expect more of girly marshal arts as opposed to a lot music in it’s original.
  • Oliver Twist the brilliant story by Charles Dickens is said to be in the pipeline to be presented by Disney in its unique way of turning words into magic. The timeline and the location based on which the movie shall be directed is yet to be revealed, however lead actors have been mostly finalized on.
  • March 19, 2019 will be the time when you can experience elephants fly, yes literally. But you know where, yes you guessed it right-on the silver screen. Disney is at a hearty attempt to get the flying elephants into live action with the reboot of the original Oscar winning movie,
  • The original story of the vicious Cruella de Vil is getting a reboot this time, with London in the backdrop in the seventies era which could best describe the appropriate introduction time of Cruella as a fashion lover. Actress Emma Stone is believed to play the lead role of Ms. Cruella de Vil.
  • Classic animation, Pinocchio is also said to be remade as a live action movie. The director of the movie Paddington is on board to be at the helm of the project.
  • Get ready to get your hearts thawed with the ice-cold magic spread by Frozen 2. Nothing for the guess, because it’s no wonder that the highest grocer in the category of animated films in the history is getting ready to come back with a sequel. There is immense potential in the story to suit the changing scenario if relationships on a global platform. Let’s see how it turns out to be. Lock the date, it’s coming in November 2019.
  • The historic animated movie Aladdin is being remade to recreate the magic of it’s iconic characters yet again. May 2019 is the time to wait for to get on to this adventure of love with Aladdin himself embraced with the magic of Genie and royalty of Jasmine.
  • Maleficent, Tink and The Little Mermaid are some more to watch for in the coming years from the Pixar studios. Though a lot has not been revealed about the caste and crew and the release dates, they are surely going to get you with their live action sequel versions.
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Watch out and you’ll be left speechless with the spellcasting animation.

This article has already been read 32 times!

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