Advertising to the Centennial generation – The new demographic on the block

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The Centennials, the Re-generation, Generation Z…call them what you like, but you definitely cannot ignore this new demographic of buyers on the block. While some consider Centennials to be children born after 1995, others define them as kids born in the new millennium. Irrespective of which definition you go by, the Centennials are kids coming of age. They are the new generation of shoppers. Teens and tweens who would soon be earning their first paycheck and spending it too.

Capturing the attention of this new generation of buyers well in time and ahead of your competitors is critical for your business’ future. The first step in that direction would be trying to understand the dynamics of this generation.

Who are the Centennials?

In all likelihood, you’ll have the millennials working to create advertisement campaigns targeted toward this new demographic of buyers. And they obviously will lack clear insight into what makes this group of youngsters tick. So, a little study of the centennials’ behavior can contribute toward targeted and well-crafted advertising campaigns:

  • They may be hyper connected to technology but they are the least connected generation so far, in terms of personal connections. They don’t relate to their peers, neighbors or extended family like the previous generations did.
  • They were raised by Gen X parents, a fiercely independent lot in itself, and so they seek out new experiences.
  • They are used to instant access to information at all times.
  • They are a generation rooting for gender neutrality. So, any advertising campaign rooted in biases may boomerang.

Advertising for the Centennials

This new crop of youngsters is extremely self-aware, with an unprecedented access to information, and a novel approach toward career and life goals. These attributes makes it that much harder to capture their imagination and attention. The following golden rules of Centennial advertising can help you stay afloat:

  • Open your doors for your new set of customers and show them your diverse approach toward accepting differences. This group of buyers is more likely to warm up to brands that more welcoming and inclusive in their approach.
  • Be prepared to be deal with more empowered and informed buyers. The upcoming generation will be a lot less patient than their predecessors, and so building a customer-first image is essential for survival.
  • Staying on top of your game would no longer be about excellence but about survival. The mobile-first generation is spoilt for choice and low on attention span.
  • Redefine your social identity. If you are seeking to target the centennials, look beyond Facebook and Twitter. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr are all the rage among this group and you must make an all out effort to include these in your social media strategy.
  • Tailor your advertising content for smartphones. When targeting the centennials, the idea should be to create advertisements for mobile and use them on other platforms if need be and not vice-versa. Adverts created for the mobile must be designed to grab eyeballs and retain attention, thus, relying on minimal text and heavy imagery.
  • The advertising and marketing world will be driven by trends in the times of centennials. And these trends will be more and more fickle and short-lived. The key to success lies in analyzing social channels, content, and successful advertising campaigns of recent past to set new trends instead of waiting to ride the wave of a successful market trend.
  • Don’t expect your Gen Z buyers to accept advertising campaigns on face value. They are likely to be more analytical and skeptical to any advertising campaign that is too ‘in the face’, because of an incessant exposure to advertisements. In order to be able to stand out in that sea of advertisements, subtlety and a genuine approach are your best recourse.
  • In order for your campaign to pack a punch, aim to provide relevant, well-timed information. To be able to do this, you have to remain well-versed with the happening on popular social media channels. This will allow you to catch your customers’ attention right in the midst of an important event, and create brand recognition value.
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This may sound like a big cliché in the world of advertising but it has never been more relevant than it is in case of advertising for centennials – Think Outside the Box. Primarily because the generation is inundated with advertisements and you have to do whatever it takes make yours stand out.

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