Bringing Passion to Work… A Leaders Guide

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bringing-passionYou work hard. YOU care about your property / outlet / department / workers. Why doesn’t everyone else?

Ah… the age old conundrum. Why do leaders often care (not all do) and why do many or even most of the workers seem not to care? Once you have people who are not giving you their best, what can, if anything be done about it?

The problem is passion. People have lost or simply never had passion for their career. Without passion for a career, they will not have passion for their job. Without passion for their job, they will not perform at levels that give us the kind of guest satisfaction we desire.

Some people seem to be born with passion for the hospitality career or ANY career for that matter. I cannot argue with this. If there is a natural musician like a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a footballer like David Beckham, there can most certainly be a ‘Amadeus Beckham’ as GM or on his / her way to becoming GM.

Please keep in mind for every one of these prodigies, those playing with a Beckham or a Mozart, are not necessarily as gifted or as driven, yet they perform in harmony with that superstar. The gifted leader’s energy helps to form a team that makes the most beautiful guest satisfaction music.

How then to grow your talented team? First, YOU need to be the Beckham or Amadeus for your team. Your actions need to be inspirational. This does not mean you must be a Richard Branson type charismatic leader.

For everyone of THEM, there are 1000 others who are NOT charismatic but JUST as or MORE effective. It does mean you have to inspire others.

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About 2000 years ago, the Greeks came up with the word inspirare meant to breathe a direction into a thing. You are literally breathing the direction into that thing you have passion for or about. You are giving it the breath of life and the direction of its course.

This is something even a more laid back accounting type can do with a high probability of success. You simply have to know WHERE you want it to go and to figure out WHAT it needs. Then you need to apply the APPLICATION of the motivation for the passion.

The WHERE is a subject for another column. The WHAT we will address now and the APPLICATION at the end of this column.

For most properties, the passion problem falls into one of three categories.

  • The leaders who are leading below you do not possess passion themselves.
  • The wrong workers were hired as HR did not consider passion when hiring and only looked at job skills or worse, because of labour shortages, just hired warm bodies to fill vacancies.
  • The wrong systems are in place and none of them are fueling people passions and can even be draining off what little passion they have left.

If your problem is with a single leader of a department, outlet or team who is not passionate, you might be able to influence that person, inspire that person or give him / her a new lease on life. Be assured, this change will not come at a low price. You may have to give this person 4 to 8 hours a day for several months.

This article has already been read 52 times!

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