Discover How Design Thinking and Employee Experience Go Hand In Hand

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Any organization irrespective of its size starts and ends with the people involved at every step. From the formation or the company to selling product or services, the company can only survive if it feels the connection with the people involved. Thus, it is very important to create an environment where people can feel safe and happy while working.

This is not just about the physical space at the office or a factory, but it is a blend of physical and psychological space. The culture that a company follows defines how every person in the company will behave. There are a lot of factors which go together such the technology you use at the office, working hours, stress management, perks, coaching, training, feedback, team management and much more.

The experience of every employee is based on the way the company responds to him or her. From the moment you hire an employee to the moment he or she leaves the company, every step has its own significance not only for the employee but also for the company.

It is all about winning or losing your image in the minds of the employees. The idea is even if the employee is leaving the company for whatsoever reason; he or she should be able to find reasons to praise the work environment at your place. Thus, for the Human Resources department, a great employee experience from end to end is an important factor and this is where Design Thinking comes in handy.

Understanding the essentials of Design Thinking
There are a few principles that you need to understand such as:

The first and foremost principle of design thinking is empathy. If the HR feels empathy for the employee for whom they are looking for the solution it will help in understanding the depth of the situation and the result will be much better and acceptable.

The second important principle of Design Thinking is co-creation. It is all about bringing different teams or team members together while finding new ideas and solutions. It does not essentially bring more ideas to the table but form a support group where employees manage to help each other in different projects making it a happier and supportive environment.

Learning by doing
There is a concept in design thinking known as ‘think fast-fail fast’ which is based completely on the feedback-driven approach and frequency of deriving ideas. It creates an environment where lesser time is spent on planning and more time is spent on action and learning from different ideas and projects.

Holistic thinking
Design thinking allows you to understand every step of the process. It is not limited to the feedback you are getting from the users, but it allows you to learn and study product, services, the process of creating and selling the product, the cooperation of different departments involved and much more. Once you start to learn from every step you will be able to find the right question and the right solution.

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Learn about the process
Once you have a little understanding the concept it is time to learn more about it. You can check a lot of books written at a different period. From the point, Herbert A. Simon described the process for the first time in 1969 in his book Sciences of the Artificial, to this day a lot of authors have described it in their own way explaining how employee experience can be better in the real world with the help of design thinking.

Use it yourself and on individuals first
Jumping and using design thinking on the whole company at once is not going to give the best results. It is better to start with smaller groups.

Implement co-creation
Bring on team members from different teams to come together and brainstorm on different projects. It will help them in opening with more creative ideas. You will be able to spot like-minded people in the company making it easier for you to build better teams.

Mapping the employees’ journey
When you check how the journey of an employee went to your organization it will help in making it better and eliminating what went wrong with good employees resulting in them leaving the organization. It will help you in creating a happier and closer environment.

Defining and solving challenges
Design thinking will allow you to get closer to the employees and understand their challenges in the company making it easier for you to find the solutions. This will also help you in bringing more employees onboard on any given project and end up with more ideas and concepts. Basically, you will be able to work on every aspect of the company’s growth.

Developing prototypes, testing, selecting and eliminating
Once you are up with the ideas from different team members you can start making scaled down prototypes of the selected ideas, test them and select those which work for the company. This will help you in improving the basics in long run.

Embracing design thinking can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. With the help of design thinking, you can strengthen the foundation of the company at every level.

This article has already been read 18 times!

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