Do You Have a Workaholic Boss Too?

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A rough week just passed by, where I was overloaded with work to fulfil the expectations of a boss who is a workaholic. She was working on finalizing an important deal. I have been working along with her to meet those project deadlines. I turned into a nocturnal being while working on these projects and making the last-minute changes suiting the client’s requirements.

Well, in this era, we all have been there. There are times when you feel like strangling that workaholic boss for overburdening you with files, target, and deadlines. However, it is always good to keep some tips handy while tackling a workaholic boss. We should aim for a productive as well as competitive work environment. We tend to learn while we work under pressure, and definitely attention of our seniors brings in brownie points to the kitty. Here are some points or tips ahead for tackling a workaholic boss in your life.

1. Make a Good Impact and Build Trust

If your boss is a workaholic and creating immense pressure on you, you need to work hard, meet the expectation and create the first impression. If you meet deadline faster and exhibit your readiness for upcoming work, your boss will be happy & trust will be built. Once you make him/her trust you with work, you can go a bit slow as your boss can now bank on you for work getting completed within time.

2. Know What Your Boss Actually Wants

To meet the expectation of your boss, you need to know what he/she actually wants. Does your boss willingly keeps you late at the office and just keeps you under pressure or there is a genuine workload? Usually, there are very few seniors who trouble their fellow workers without intentionally meaning to trouble the fellow workers. It is just their way of working. So, try to understand your boss’s way of working and try to figure out if there is a real work pressure or your boss’s workaholism.

3. Set the Expectations Right and Draw a Line

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You know your limit the best. So, there is nothing shameful in explaining how much you can work and your areas of expertise. When you describe your expertise, try to emphasize your skills, so that you get work accordingly. Once your boss knows what you can do and what you cannot, the chances are that he/she won’t ask you for something that is out of your skillset or work purview. When you get interested in doing the job which is your forte, no matter what kind of a boss you have, you will be able to match up to his/her expectations and pace of work.

4. Start Working on Efficiency Enhancement

When you have a workaholic senior, you must always expect new and vivid assignments at all times. If your boss relies on you, you will certainly be occupied with work even if it is not a priority. You may get overly stressed in order to keep up with his/her work demands. So, it is always better to work on your strengths, increase your efficiency and keep on updating yourself regularly.

5. Try Not to be Stressed Out

When someone has a lot of positive energy and passion, that energy and passion gets passed on to the people around them. If your boss is panicky and remains under constant work pressure, it may spread on to you and that might affect your work efficiency. So, to handle your boss, you need to stay calm and positive. You must put your best foot forward to accomplish the job as expected. Be honest and upfront about your skills and commitments. By doing this, you will not only improve your own skill but also have a positive impact on the professional relationships with your co-workers.

Life is journey of constant learnings. So, be open to acquiring positives from life and be adaptable to change, you will certainly do well. These tip should certainly help you in becoming a better professional and coping up with a workaholoic boss.

This article has already been read 10 times!

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