Drones: Omnipresent Eyes For The New Generation

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We wanted to overcome the problems of long distance communication and we invented telephones, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell. Then we wished to conquer the limitations that a landline phone had and to our rescue came Martin Cooper with a mobile phone as the resolution.

Our quest to unravel something better never ends. Yet again our free spirit started its quest for inventing something that would set it flying free and unbound. And there he was, Reginald Denny with the concept of drone. A drone is an airborne vehicle which is wirelessly controlled by a ground based navigator. In a way, it works like a flying robot.

We as commoners have evidenced the existence of drones only in the recent years when they were allowed to be used for commercial purposes, but the history of drones can be traced back to the times when World Wars took place. The motto behind using them was to avoid the causalities of pilots during air strikes.

Drones were also brought into use to facilitate combat training to the pilots while they were loaded with targets which the pilots had to aim using it. If the pilot missed the target, the drones would land using parachutes. They were further improvised by equipping them with cameras to and being used for the reconnaissance of enemy territories and gauge their capabilities for a finer invasive plan of action against the rivals.

With a much sophisticated technology, drones in the current times are worthier than what they were decades ago. Many nations now have employed drones not only for a real time surveillance but also to ferry weapons.

Without the advent of smartphone technology it wouldn’t have been possible for the drones to foray into the commercial markets. It is this smartphone technology that allowed the slaying of both the prices and the dimensions of drones which promoted their use by the commoners. Owing to these up gradations today anyone can afford to buy a drone for as less as 5,000 INR.

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We can see drones being used in journalism, aerial photography and taping. During humongous public gatherings where it becomes difficult for a person to live shoot the event while walking through the proximate groups of people. They are used to capture conferences, meetings, functions and matches where people muster in gigantic numbers to be a part of the event.

Quite literally, drones have made the concept of omnipresence a reality. Appareled with these unmanned aerial vehicles we can efficiently yet comfortably acquire whatever relevant insight with tremendous accuracy.

Not only for vigilance but drones can productively deliver compact items too. UPS, DHL, Amazon and Forbes are a few among the many corporations that employ drones as a part of their well networked delivery systems. This is not it, drones are successfully venturing into the agriculture industry too.

They have proved to be instrumental in analyzing the soil, enabling to preplan the planting patterns and sowing while monitoring the maintenance of mineral levels in the soil. They enhance the crop yield by enabling to spray meticulous amount of liquids on the crops with least resources being employed. This method of farming using drones is termed as ‘Precision Agriculture’. Thus they have revolutionized the crop growing science as well.

The unmanned requisite of the drone technology empowers it to monitor hazardous situations caused by floods, storms and other natural disasters whilst keeping the causalities as low as possible. Marketing, preservation strategies, igniting entertaining events, search and rescue operations and recreational purposes are a few more tasks that are implemented systematically hitherto flawlessly with the ubiquitous unmanned aerial machines called DRONES!!!

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