How’s Life Going To Be After The Advent of Artificial Intelligence?

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The sense that one could derive from the term Artificial Intelligence is as elementary as what the word artificial stands for. Let me put it simple and straight out for you, Artificial Intelligence or AI is anything but natural intelligence and is the process of developing systems endowed with the intellectual processes characteristic of humans, such as discover meaning, or the ability to reason, or to generalize, or learn from the past experience. When machines or computers apply their sense of decision making in a given situation with a motive of attaining successful outcomes, it is said that artificial intelligence is at work.

Who invented AI? How did the idea occur? And who pursued it? The answers to these questions are surrounded with ambiguity. However, history is reminiscent of a few influential researchers like Allen Newell, Cliff Shaw, Herbert Simons, John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky, who had an instrumental role to play in unveiling one of the most innovative & potentially highly productive concept to the world – AI.

Before contemplating whether the invention of AI is beneficial for the world or not, let’s take a look at the numerous avenues where AI has proved its mettle.

  • Businesses are now using AI not only to augment communication with the world, but also to ensure prompt redressal of conflicting situations within the workforce. AI in business is facilitating the improvement of the sales process and sales enhancement in an aggressive manner by taking over the most mundane tasks and thereby relieving the HR team to focus on more intense & core tasks.
  • AI has a very crucial role to play in the healthcare industry. AI is equipping the machines to make diagnosis of diseases as accurately as a doctor. Robotic surgeons for flawless surgeries, transformative mobile app for error free data recording, innovative software to promote decision making tools with minimal human interference are all finding their place in the healthcare industry hitherto carving a niche for themselves in the medical field.
  • In the world of music AI is venturing by composing the most melodic pieces. The tunes hence created are being well received by the music lovers.
  • AI has also found a place for itself in your kitchen too. Yes, you read it right. There are applications being developed like Chef Watson’s AI, which will not only assist you to choose from all that you can make with the available ingredients with you but also give you a detailed recipe of the selected dish.
  • Do not panic in case you happen to come across a driverless car as it is not ghost ridden. It is the AI that is sitting behind the wheel. Tesla, the automotive giant has already brought a few driverless models on to the roads. However, there are few safety issues that are still being worked on.
  • Visual search options are here to our rescue so that we do not miss on instantly buying anything that fascinates us. The next time you come across something that catches your eye, you can simply click it and the AI will find it for you. Many e-commerce companies are working on having this feature on their applications.
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Having discussed just a part of the list of tasks that AI can very swiftly and accurately accomplish, let’s come back to where we started. What would it be like after a decade of all the humans being enveloped by AI?  Job insecurity is just one of the issues when it comes to measuring the negatives of AI.

The gravest of it all is the exclusion of humans from many crucial scenarios. A few years from now, the cumulative effect of the minimal human interference would result in a more dimwitted human race. Like any other muscle, brain too needs regular exercise to remain in a good shape but with the existence of AI the need to put our brains to work would cease. Technology should engage & enable the humans rather than replacing them.

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