Lack Of Sleep Leading To Inefficient And Distracted Leaders

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Life never brings too many opportunities to shine. There are very few of them and it is up to you to recognize those opportunities and grab them. The professional success depends on your skills and professionalism. The ladder of success is not easy to get. But, once you start climbing up the ladder, you cannot afford to draw back. If you are at a leadership position, you need to lead by example in your organization. So, what do you mean by leadership position? Well, you can be the principle of an institution or the team leader of your company. You also can be the CEO of your organization or can lead anything at your work front. Whatever you do, you need to be serious and dedicated to your work.

Personal problems are a part and parcel of every human life. The problems might be of physical or mental nature., which majorly contribute to lack of sleep. Sometimes, a very hectic lifestyle can bring changes in your sleeping routine too. And if that is happening to you, it might be making you inefficient in your professional life without you realizing it. This can trigger your downfall at work and you might lose your position at the office if this continues.

So, let’s try to understand this better:-

1. Sleepless Nights Can Take a Toll on Your Charisma

If you are the leader, it might be because of your charismatic personality. You need to maintain your persona, which will in turn keep your team members associated with you and accept your leadership positively. It is your charisma that should always prevail upon the office. But, if your work and lifestyle is keeping you sleep deprived on a regular basis, you will soon find that it’s affecting your personality adversely. Understand that an “always sleepy and tired” person, can never be charming or charismatic, and that person can never inspire the team in any organization. If that situation continues, you might be losing the reason that made you a leader in the very first place!

2. Inefficiency is Directly Proportional to Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights can trigger many inefficiencies in your system, as a fatigued brain can never process information efficiently, which leads to bad planning, lack of perspective, inability to comprehend the situations and a host of other problems. You will find it difficult to concentrate on your work, as your brain would require rest. When you are at a leadership position, you will have a team that will succeed or the organizational goals that will be achieved only because of your leadership skills. When inefficiency sets in, your guidelines may be haywire, your project planning might be myopic and the list goes on. An inefficient leader ends up setting bad examples for the entire organization, and loses the positioning & respect in the minds of people he had once inspired. A gradual decline sets into your professional life because of the acquired inefficiencies.

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3. Sleeplessness Kills your Relationship with Fellow Workers

Sleepless nights take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. A sleep deprived person is unknowingly agitated from within because of the fatigue, and starts behaving with the co-workers in a very uncouth manner without realizing it. Professional places have no space for unprofessional behavior. No fellow worker likes to deal with someone having behavioral issues. Bad behavior is not tolerated at any professional organization and even the top leaders get reprimanded, thereby hampering the growth prospects. Getting less sleep might sound very normal, but a prolonged bout of it has many far reaching consequences. Being a leader is harder, but holding on to the leadership position is the hardest. Hence, maintain cordial relations with your co-workers, work very hard to excel, but don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep, everyday!

4. Don’t Invite the Doomsday @ work!

Being forced out of action is a catastrophe, isn’t it! You definitely don’t want this. But, if you don’t bring potential changes in your lifestyle especially the sleep routine, you may see this coming.

So, to be able to stop that, find the root cause of lack of sleep now. Take professional help if need be to identify the causes and sort out the problems so that you keep excelling as a leader.

This article has already been read 16 times!

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