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Jack Uldrich Jack UldrichAcclaimed global futurist, speaker, and best-selling author
About the Speaker Bureau

Today all of us live in a knowledge-based economy. The world has seen a paradigm shift in the way education and training is planned, organized and delivered. Be it personalized training programs tailor made to individual/team objectives, a diverse event; conferences; off-sites, seminars; or a just in time training; we are now an information society where knowledge management is essential.

Visionary leaders and great minds have impacted the society and the corporate world in the way they manage and think. Most of the organizations across the globe today are engaging celebrated thought leaders and approaching them for advice on their ‘strategic game plan’. These companies are realizing the importance of human capital and the need to organize motivational sessions to boost employee morale and enhance productivity.  

In the light of the above, we created The Knowledge Gateway Speakers Bureau to be corporate world’s resource for the most in-demand and celebrated professional speakers, trainers or artists.

Whether you need a business thought-leader, a global thinker, leadership expert, inspirational or a motivational speaker, or a celebrity speaker who can just add that glitz to your event, we are committed to your success.

Speakers to suit your event need

At The Knowledge Gateway Speaker Bureau, our endeavor is to provide you with the right solution and the right people who fit your event needs. Our team is experienced, informed and knowledgeable in the business. We give you access to renowned, successful international and Indian gurus, all of which provide great programs that can be customized to your purpose.
We look forward to working with you in understanding your seminar/event purpose and booking a speaker for your next big event!