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Jack Uldrich Jack UldrichAcclaimed global futurist, speaker, and best-selling author
frequenty asked questions
Q: Is there a cost that we need to incur to book a speaker/artist/trainer through your speaker bureau?
A: There are no additional costs for booking a speaker or celebrity or artist through our speaker bureau, unless in rare cases and which are clearly specified to you at the outset. We believe in complete honesty and transparency. In majority of the cases, we secure our commission directly from the speaker. The speaker pays us a commission from their fee.
Q: In general, what fee does a speaker charge?
A: A fee for a speaker/trainer/artist could vary widely depending on a couple of factors including the popularity of the individual or group, his/her/their availability and the requirement of your event.
Q: What about speakers or artists that are exclusive to other agencies? Can I book them through you?
A: This is subjective and we will try our level best to secure speakers or artists who could be exclusively represented by other agencies as well. Our clients trust us and look at us to be their one stop resource when they are looking at a speaker for their event or training program.
Q: Does your bureau represent or specialize in booking certain kind of speakers or artists?

A: We offer top-rated speakers and trainers on a variety of topics, including leadership, sales, motivation, team building, branding, innovation and other specialized topics.

Through us, you can also book keynote speakers, celebrities or entertainment artists for your offsite or dealer meets or corporate events etc. There may be some artists or celebrities who would want to work with their own agents and in such a scenario, we can only put our best foot forward to secure their bookings or facilitate the same (as a gesture) for our clients, through the celebrity’s agency.

Q: What professional services does your speaker bureau provide to clients?

A: As a full service speakers bureau, we believe in providing our clients, utmost professional administration support and contracting services to ensure highest level of satisfaction.

Please find below a brief overview of The Knowledge Gateway Speakers Bureau services:

  • While you are in the process of searching and reviewing, but would want to understand which speaker, trainer or artist will fit your event and training need, we can be of help by shortlisting the best-suited speakers/artists for you. If you already know who you want, we would be glad to take the baton forward. We will contact the speaker, negotiate fees on your behalf, check availability and contract any personality you are interested in.

  • Post shortlisting and during the planning stage, we facilitate smooth communication between you and the speaker, by setting up conference calls, providing you with information kits, videos, photographs etc if you may require for your promotional activity.

  • Due to our relationship with some speakers or artists, and the fact that we may end up doing multiple engagements with them, we can negotiate a special price with these speakers/artists, for your event.

We would be glad to answer any other queries that you may have. You may feel free to write to us on our email address and we will respond at the earliest.

We look forward to your business.