What is Pica (disorder)?

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Chalky stone composed of kaolinite with traces of quartz ingested by a person with pica
Image credit: By Christophe von Garnier, Holger Stünitz, Michael Decker, Edouard Battegay and Andreas Zeller. via Wikimedia Commons

Pica is an eating disorder in which the person experiences a persistent urge of eating inappropriate things such as dirt or paint. The disorder is generally found among children of age 1-2 years.  However, several studies have also showed the prevalence of Pica in pregnant women.

If a person is believed to have developed pica then an evaluation is made which assesses intestinal blockages, possibility of anemia, and potential toxicity from the ingested substances. Further diagnosis is carried out with the help of tests such as blood test, X-ray test, etc.

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